New coordinator, Andrea Michelson

New coordinator, Andrea Michelson 1779 1253 The Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea

She is a biologist with 19 years of experience in biodiversity and nature conservation. She specialized in planning, management, and monitoring projects and has worked mainly in the creation, planning, and management of protected areas.

She has been involved in projects and strategies for the conservation of species and ecosystems, especially on a large scale, both in Argentina and in the region.

She has been working with the Forum since 2012:

It has been gratifying and a caress to the soul to receive so many messages of support and good wishes. Of course, I want to thank Alexandra Sapoznikow for her commitment, drive, good humor, and excellent performance during these years as coordinator.

This is my home and I welcome this role with great pride and responsibility. 

I am particularly interested in bringing the Forum closer to the younger, guided by all those who already have the experience. We have a responsibility to train (or continue training) new young leaders in marine conservation, and we need to nurture and dialogue with the agenda the new generations are promoting today. It is important to continue amplifying the regional vision and its articulation among all countries. I consider it fundamental to consolidate the incipient work with the fishing sector and to act in the face of recurrent and/or emerging threats to our sea, such as seismic exploration and oil exploitation, and pollution from various sources. Advocacy, communication, and training continue to be fundamental axes of work.

These are my hopes, which I will surely build and rebuild in dialogue with all of you. I wish us all the best in this new stage.

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