We meet the challenges of creating effective Marine Protected Areas systems, which encompass a vast diversity of species and ecosystems in the Patagonian Sea, and are capable of facing the threats posed by climate change.

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The countries of the Southern Cone have made significant progress towards marine conservation in the last decades, particularly through the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). However, current MPAs do not represent the entirety of ecosystems in the Patagonian Sea, and are in need of improvements for an effective implementation.

National legislation and international agreements force countries to increase their protection of marine biodiversity through effective and representative MPA systems. Besides, the conservation and sustainable use of the variety of marine ecosystems are vital for a proper adaptation to environmental changes, such as those posed by climate change.

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Our strategy

We accompany governments, scientists, communities and the private sector in different processes in order to:
• Adequately represent all the ecoregions within the MPA systems.
• Bring conservation spaces together in the form of ecological networks.
• Effectively adopt protection and sustainable use measures.
• Bring together institutions with marine conservation and use policies.
• Base all management decisions on scientific information.


As a result of our collaboration and investigation work, we contribute to the creation and comprehensive management of MPAs through:

The incorporation of available technical and scientific knowledge in order to create new MPAs and foster their proper implementation:

• Fostering communication processes in order to face the challenges MPAs pose with a regional approach:

Creating and supporting initiatives aiming to develop and strengthen the skills needed to effectively manage MPAs:

Coordinator: Georgina Buono

Support for the project

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