Protect an ecologically healthy and diverse Patagonian Sea in order to meet the needs, wishes and aspirations of people, and at the same time, protect one of the most productive marine ecosystems with unique wildlife sightings in the world, through a genuine partnership of all interested sectors.

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Promote synergies amongst organizations to achieve ecosystem integrity and effective management of the Patagonian Sea and its areas of influence, in true partnership with the public and private sectors.


Our mission includes the following objectives:

an integral understanding of the Patagonian marine ecosystem and analyze its conservation status;


the effective implementation of sustainable development policies, that adopt preventive management principles, as well as participative, transparent and responsible governance practices;


existing projects for the creation of Marine Protected Areas in the target and adjacent areas;


education and communication initiatives centered on the importance and value of the seas as a reservoir of natural resources, provider of ecological services, and object of contemplation and aesthetic value.


Amongst its principles, the Forum sustains the construction of consensus with different sectors, the value of scientific information, trans-discipline, as well as plural nationalities, styles and opinions.

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