XII Meeting of the Forum in Chile

XII Meeting of the Forum in Chile 960 643 The Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea

The Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea and Areas of Influence will hold its XII Plenary Meeting in Puerto Varas, Los Lagos Region, Chile, on October 25 and 26, 2014. Oceana will be the host member and WCS – Chile will assist with organization. On Tuesday, October 28 there will be an open seminar in the Fundación Telefónica head office in Santiago, convened by the GEF Project on the National System of Protected Areas for Chile, where Dr. Claudio Campagna will talk about the Forum. In his presentation he will address the need for integrated regional work among Chile, Argentina and Uruguay towards ocean conservation.

Miembros del Foro y organizaciones invitadas en Valdivia, Chile

Meetings of the Forum in Chile are aimed at strengthening integration and cooperation among conservation organizations from all over the region, taking into account that the Patagonian Sea ecosystem is just one unit encompassing portions of the Southern Pacific and Southern Atlantic Oceans. There are oceanographic and biological processes connecting both oceans, while increasing pressures by human activities have similar impacts on both sectors. It is probable that a greater participation of Chilean and Uruguayan organizations in this Forum will enhance advocacy towards regional integration of marine conservation policies. Forum’s initiatives are undertaken through association of civil society organizations and concerned scientists as a means of preparing relevant and legitimate messages for decision makers such as Governments and corporations.

Main audiences of the Forum activities in Chile this year are civil society organizations, funding agencies, scientists, Governmental officers and businessmen. One month before the start of the meetings, almost all Forum members, two international foundations and five Chilean organizations confirmed their participation.

The Forum celebrates in 2014 its tenth year of existence promoting cooperation of civil society organizations that work in marine conservation through a network-style association. Activities in Chile this year are possible thanks to support from Oak Foundation, WCS, Oceana, Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina, Fundación Pumalín, the GEF Proyect on the National System of Protected Areas for Chile and Fundación Telefónica.

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