A new languaje for the sea

A new languaje for the sea 1755 1241 The Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea

Given the urgent need to contribute to the positioning of the sea in the public agenda, the meeting will propose to discuss the way we think and talk about the sea. This is the first Conversatory with journalists and communicators organized within the framework of the Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea, the network of civil society organizations that work to preserve the marine ecosystem of the Southern Cone.

We need to change the way we think and talk about the SEA.
The sea over there: infinite, inexhaustible, distant. And the society here: indifferent, alien.
For centuries, people didn’t think that the sea needed protection; so now, the efforts to preserve it are not enough. Marine protected areas do not yet represent the diversity of life forms we need to preserve, nor are they effective in achieving their objectives.
Why? Among other reasons, the appreciation of the global strategic importance and of the current state of deterioration of marine ecosystems is neither a widespread nor a common concern. The price of this disinformation affects the planet and will impact entire generations.
How do we contribute to the strategic positioning of the sea on the public agenda? Can we raise awareness of the value of the sea beyond its use? What is needed in order to reverse the wrong ideas regarding conservation possibilities? How do we explain that marine life is not safe from any kind of misuse?
The success of the meeting will result in a more planned sea which will be better understood by more people.

Triggers and speakers

Throughout the meeting, members of the organizations that make up the Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea will visit 3 blocks to trigger reflections and talk with the attendees about ways to position the sea on the agenda considering its value, its impact and the threats it faces, as well as possible solutions for its effective conservation.

Claudio Campagna, President of the Forum, Guillermo Cañete, Coordinator of the Marine Program of the Argentine Wildlife Foundation and Valeria Falabella, of the Marine Program of the Wildlife Conservation Society, will lead the meeting, which will also be attended by members of other organizations of the Forum.

More information and registration

This activity is aimed at journalists and communicators, it is free but requires registration (places are limited). To request more information or confirm attendance, send an email before Friday, November 1 to Florencia Lemoine: prensa.marpatagonico@gmail.com.

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