This marine ecosystem neighbors with the Southern Cone of South America. It ranges from the southern part of Brazil to Tierra del Fuego, by the side of the Atlantic Ocean, while by the Pacific side extends to the channels and fjords of southern Chile. It incorporates high productivity areas, relevant fisheries, key foraging sectors for wildlife and migration corridors of turtles, birds and marine mammals. To achieve its preservation requires cooperation among peoples, organizations, scientists and authorities from various countries and territories.

PHOTO: Albatross flying over the waves. © G. Harris

Why is it important?

Climate change. It helps to mitigate the greenhouse effect, absorbing large amounts of atmospheric CO2 with the help of phytoplankton.

Natural spectacles. Its large aggregations of albatrosses, penguins, whales and other marine fauna are unique.

Ecosystem services. It provides valuable services to human society such as food, transportation, tourism and sanitation, among others.