The Challenge

The “Patagonian Sea and Areas of Influence” represents one of the last large relatively well preserved marine ecosystems. Its oceanic and ecological processes occur in very vast sectors and are fundamental to mitigate the effects of climate change, provide valuable services to human societies and also provide unique natural spectacles.

It consists of large scale and productive oceanic areas. It also includes important areas of fishing as well as foraging and migration areas for turtles, seabirds and marine mammals. Politically, it includes provincial jurisdictions, territorial seas, and the exclusive economic zones of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile, as well as the surrounding international waters or high seas. To promote conservation in this vast area, we need to take a regional approach to promote cooperation among communities, organizations, scientists and authorities of the different countries and territories.

Our Strategy

The Forum is an international network created to coordinate the joint work of those civil society organizations focused on promoting policies and measures to guarantee the sustainability and viability of the Patagonian Sea ecosystem.

Among its principles, the Forum sustains consensus amongst all interested sectors on the value of scientific information, transdisciplinarity and diversity of nationalities, outlooks and opinions. The uniqueness of this network is its comprehensive vision, inspired in the fact that the ecosystems and their forms of life transcend political boundaries.

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We promote strategies to complete the projects and programs that challenge us today and that each organization could not achieve on their own:

Latest News

1000 974 The Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea

Environmental organizations warn about salmon farming risks in Tierra del Fuego

A report issued by the Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea and Areas of influence warns of the serious impacts that salmon and trout farming would have on the Argentine coast if the initiatives being considered by the national government and the province of Tierra del Fuego are approved.

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The second year of the regional school for managers of Marine Protected Areas begins

For the second consecutive year, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay coordinate efforts to strengthen the capacities of those responsible for Marine Protected Areas in order to contribute to their effective management. Regional focus, focus on competencies and inter-institutional articulation are some of the keys to this initiative, unprecedented in the region.

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1000 754 The Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea

Bi-oceanic Park announced in Argentina and Chile

The Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea and Areas of Influence accompanies and celebrates the recent…

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