Seismic prospecting. Risks and impacts in the Argentine Sea.


Report prepared based on scientific data on the risks and impacts of the search for hydrocarbons in Argentine waters and surrounding areas.

The Argentine Sea presents key areas for the functional and ecological structure of Atlantic Ocean, areas of high productivity or essential for migration, reproduction and feeding of various species, which must be protected. Some environments are relatively pristine, of socioeconomic importance and of landscape relevance.

The development of human activities that impact environments and species demands an unavoidable responsibility on the part of managers, companies and the general community in order to evaluate and monitor these impacts and develop alternatives that mitigate them as much as possible. Careful and responsible management is required with a comprehensive ecosystemic approach, under the precautionary principle, in order to ensure the conservation of its biodiversity and the ecological goods and services it provides.

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Prospección sísmica. Riesgos e impactos

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