Marine Protected Areas

Marine protected areas in the National Biodiversity Strategy of Argentina. A roadmap to achieve their benefits.

Financial sustainability of Natural Protected Areas of Tierra del Fuego

Technical Report on the Implementation of National Marine Protected Areas in the Argentine Sea

Report on the development of guidelines for the creation and effective management of Marine Protected Areas in Chile.

School for the management of marine protected areas of the Southern Cone. Report of lessons learned in 2017 and the necessary steps for program strengthening and continuity

Contributions for the consideration of the Law Project for the Creation of the Marine Protected Areas Yaganes and Namuncurá / Burwood Bank II

School for the Management of the Marine Protected Areas of the Southern Cone. Lessons learned and future projection.

It is the time of the Sea. Marine Protected Areas in the Argentine Sea for the conservation of species and environments of particular biological and scientific value

Patagonian Sea Lighthouses. Relevant areas for the Conservation of Marine Biodiversity

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