Thursday, August 17, 2017
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The Forum is the result of volunteer work of non-governmental organizations of a national, regional and international nature. There are two categories of membership. The active members are those who give an annual fee in order to finance the Forum's actions. The associated members have similar level of engagement without paying annual fees. A professional coordinator is in charge of implementing the agreed decisions and taking care of administration. The members meet regularly in plenary meetings, in which other individuals and organizations can assist as observers. The Forum in plenary elects periodically the members of the Steering Group among the active organizations. The Steering Group guides the activities of the Forum and supervises the Coordinator on behalf of all its members in the inter-session periods. The Forum has also a number of active working-groups that promote specific projects and products.



Forum statements and activities are realized without prejudice to the views of governments on sovereignty in the region. Member's involvement in the Forum will take place in a framework of respect for the interests of all countries in the region, their governments and their peoples. Membership to this Forum does not imply any opinion or position with respect to the sovereignty issues, nor it jeopardizes any state or international organization's opinion regarding the boundaries and legal status of maritime areas or territories in relation with the target area.

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Primer curso sobre Áreas Marinas Protegidas del Cono Sur

Primer curso sobre Áreas Marinas Protegidas del Cono Sur

Nuevas Áreas Marinas Protegidas (AMP) son creadas en la región y el mundo, pero su figura no resulta suficiente para preservar los valores naturales del mar. Hoy, la implementación efectiva de esta herramienta es débil. Su éxito depende, en gran medida, del fortalecimiento de las instituciones a cargo de su gestión, con recursos humanos disponibles y capacitados.  

World Ocean Day 2017

World Ocean Day 2017

Towards a commitment of Argentina in the conservation of the ocean A group of civil society organizations promotes greater protection of the ocean ecosystem through the creation of National Marine Parks. These would be relevant areas for restoring fisheries, protecting emblematic species and collaborating in adaptation to climat change  

Opportunity for joint conservation activities between Argentina and Ch…

Opportunity for joint conservation activities between Argentina and Chile

En la VIII Reunión Binacional de Ministros de Argentina y Chile, llevada a cabo en Buenos Aires el 16 de diciembre con la presencia de los embajadores de ambos países se acordó avanzar en la "identificación de áreas marinas de interés mutuo para la conservación del ecosistema" lindero entre estos países.

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