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The Forum is an international network created in order to coordinate the joint work of those civil society organizations interested in promoting policies and measures in regards to the sustainability and viability of the Patagonian Sea ecosystem. Among its principles, the Forum sustains the consensus amongst all interested sectors, the value of the scientific information, the "trans-discipline" and the diversity of nationalities, styles and opinions. The region of interest ("the Patagonian Sea and Areas of Influence") includes a vast area of the Ocean that surrounds the Southern Cone of America, including parts exclusive economic areas of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and international surrounding waters. The singularity of this network is its large-scale vision, inspired in the fact that the ecosystem processes and their living-beings transcend the political boundaries.



Industrial Fishing in the Argentine-Uruguayan Common Fishing Zone © L. Tamini

The creation of the Forum is motivated by the increasing threats to the wildlife and to the ecological integrity of the target area, and by the need of efficiently integrate efforts among conservation organization throughout the region. The Patagonian Sea provides ecological services of global importance. It is one of the most productive oceanic areas in the Southern Hemisphere, sustaining a great biomass and abundance of food both for wild predators and for humans. As many other parts of the world’s ocean, the Patagonian Sea suffers from significant human impacts due to a number of activities such as commercial fishing, shipping, climate change, oil and gas exploitation and others. The lack of international dialogue on relevant management issues among countries and territories in the region is one of the main barriers for the integration of public policies towards sustainable management.

What is it for?

The Forum is open to non-profit and non-governmental organizations whose objectives are related to the conservation of marine biodiversity and its co-existence with human activity in healthy ocean ecosystems. Forum activities provide opportunities for exchange and collaboration among conservationists and scientists from the Patagonian Sea countries and territories, promoting regional integration from the civil society. Taking advantage of the Forum’s network, members can complement efforts and resources, learn from other member's initiatives and articulate common objectives. Coordinated activities of different organizations make synergy possible: results achieved by the group are more significant and effective than those attained by members individually.

Since its establishment in 2004, the Forum has developed 10 international plenary meetings and numerous workshops and training activities. It published a book with contributions from dozens of scientists from different countries, and it has convened several public events.

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Opportunity for joint conservation activities between Argentina and Ch…

Opportunity for joint conservation activities between Argentina and Chile

En la VIII Reunión Binacional de Ministros de Argentina y Chile, llevada a cabo en Buenos Aires el 16 de diciembre con la presencia de los embajadores de ambos países se acordó avanzar en la "identificación de áreas marinas de interés mutuo para la conservación del ecosistema" lindero entre estos países.

Simposio sobre Áreas Marinas Protegidas. Puerto Madryn

Simposio sobre Áreas Marinas Protegidas. Puerto Madryn

Martes 29 de noviembre, en la Sede Puerto Madryn de la Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia. Se analizará el estado de las áreas costero marinas en el Cono Sur, se rescatarán las lecciones aprendidas en diferentes países y se buscarán las oportunidades de articulación para el establecimiento de un sistema efectivo de áreas marinas protegidas en la región.  

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Taller Nuestro mar en peligro: Lista Roja de Especies Marinas Amenazadas: ¿Cómo se hace y para qué sirve?

Tendrá lugar en Aves Argentinas (Matheu 1246, Buenos Aires) el viernes 3 de junio de 2016 a las 18:30 horas. Ésta es una iniciativa del Foro para la Conservación del Mar Patagónico y Áreas de Influencia (, en colaboración con la Comisión de Supervivencia de Especies de UICN (Programa de Evaluación Global de Especies Marinas -...

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